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About Blue Man Group

Show Website | 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | Show located at Luxor
Type of Event: Comedy, Dance | Show times: 7:00 PM, 9:30 PM. Nightly | Latest Blue Man Group Promotions

What entertainment group has been around over 25 years, employs around 35 members world-wide, was started by three talented college buddies, uses between four and six members on stage at any one time, and can be considered one of the most entertaining variety act in Las Vegas? Give up? Well, color me blue.
Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink had an unusual vision with their creation of a bald blue character and developed this single character into imaginative and creative one-man show. They succeeded in getting their character booked into a little New York theater. And a groundbreaking performance left audiences moved and inspired. This unprecedented theatrical success with all of its accolades and awards led to other opportunities that quickly followed.
Started in 1991, Blue Man Productions ultimately went global and have performed in over fifteen countries and have been seen by over 35 million people world-wide. What makes the show so entertaining and unique is a terrific combination of comedy, music and technology which only gets better each year.
The Blue Man Group is constantly refreshing its material with new stories, instruments, and music. It is so popular it has permanent theatrical productions in New York, Boston, Orlando, Chicago, Berlin and Las Vegas. In addition, it has a touring group in both North and South America.
What can you expect when attending one of their performances? Great music, hilarious comedy, tricks, funky props, audience interaction. And much, much more. This is family entertainment at its finest. If you are in Las Vegas and looking for an unforgettable performance, you have to consider going blue – Blue Man Group that is.

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